Discover Stories behind Music

Ai One Radio turns your music into storytelling. Just bring your own music subscription. Ai One helps you find the joy of music discovery again.

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Features you love


No need to pay at Ai One Radio. It is super easy to connect your Apple Music subscription to our service.


We have a bunch of stories ready to tell you about the music you knew, love and will discover.

Conversational A.I.

Beyond playlists, Ai One chatbot and voice actually communicate with you to find what you really like.

Narrative Graph

Ai One Radio is powered by Narrative Graph, a knowledge database behind our app. We automate radio program production from scraping stories, enriching playlists, to narrating scripts, and to responding audiences in real time. See a graph web example built with Narrative Graph.

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    Join the Service

    Install the app on your iOS device. Membership sign-up is for free with upgraded features and more radio programs.

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    Connect Apple Music Account

    You are just one finger tap away. The Ai One Radio app helps you connect your subscription to our service.

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    Enjoy music and storytelling

    Sit back. Play music and stories. Get inspired to discover more music you love. You can choose how talkative your Ai One Radio should be.


New Service

Invitation period has ended.
Available now for public with upgraded features and more programs.

*Works on iOS 12.1+ with Apple Music.

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